Community Oncology Alliance Day on Capital Hill

Another great Community Oncology Alliance day on Capitol Hill meeting with our legislators. Continuing the work to improve the lives of cancer patients everywhere. #HOPE

Mike Bertaut, Healthcare Economist with Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

Great Pontchartrain Cancer Center & CPAN meeting. Mike Bertaut, Healthcare Economist with Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, spoke to us about "Biologics and the Backlash: Payer Pharmacy Philosophy for 2017 and Beyond". Thanks, Mike!

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On November 30th, Kathy Oubre, a Community Oncology Alliance leader, attended emergency meetings with Congress and the Administration to discuss the negative impact the Medicare sequester cut would have on cancer patients. 


The emergency Community Oncology Alliance (COA) fly-in was prompted by the continued momentum of the tax bill in both the U.S. House and Senate which would double the current sequester cut, and by a proposed extension of the sequester. 

Physicians and practice administrators from across the country reworked schedules and moved patient visits to warn policymakers of the real dangers that the continued use of the sequester cut as a budget gimmick would have a very real and dangerous impact on cancer care in the United States. #cancer #hope

American Society of Clinical Oncology Advocacy Champion

Dr. David Oubre

The American Society of Clinical Oncology has chosen Dr. David Oubre as an Advocacy Champion at the President’s Circle for his patient advocacy in 2016. Dr. Oubre's dedication and tireless advocacy contributions to educating lawmakers on important cancer policies, help to ensure that cancer care in this country remains high-quality and available to all.

Pontchartrain Cancer Center Advocates For Local Cancer Care

On June 29th, we launched our new local chapter of the Community Oncology Alliance Patient Advocacy Network (CPAN). “At Pontchartrain Cancer Center, we are committed to giving our patients quality care right here in Covington,” said Kathy Oubre, MS, Chief Operating Officer of Pontchartrain Cancer Center. 

Our chapter brings together cancer patients and survivors, caregivers and family members, oncology and other medical professionals, and community members to preserve local, quality, affordable cancer care for all. 

For more information, please call our office: (985) 875-1202.


Biomedical Services Program

Natasha H. Poe and Dr. Yoshi Uke Kikuchi from the St. Tammany Parish Coroner’s Office visited The Human Body Systems biomedical science class at Saint Paul’s School to discuss the educational requirements and duties involved in working with the coroner on DNA processing. The speakers are part of the Dr. David and Mrs. Oubre Biomedical Sciences Program, a Project Lead the Way elective curriculum. The program was originally funded by The Harry T. Howard Foundation/Touro Infirmary grant and contains four biomedical based science courses based on national standards and hands-on experiential learning. Human Body Systems is the second course in the series of electives.

St. Tammany Parish Coroner's Office

TRUMPET - Treatment Registry for Outcomes in CRPC Patients

Pontchartrain Cancer Center is involved in a registry study for men with advanced prostate cancer. The registry will involve around 2000 men across the United States, and up to 200 study centers. 

Collecting information from such a large group of men may help us understand more about how doctors are treating this type of cancer in the US, and how their decisions affect the people they treat. We hope this information will help to improve the care of men with prostate cancer in the future. Pontchartrain is excited to be taking part in the TRUMPET Registry.